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Welcome to Kosher Pharmaceuticals

Kosher Pharmaceuticals is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company.

We export prescription and over-the-counter (OTC) pharmaceuticals, nutritional products, active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) and veterinary medicines. Our product list constitutes a huge product assortment to suit every customer in major therapeutic categories or targeted segments enabling customers to return fully satisfied and contended.

Formulations are manufactured under stringent quality control at WHO-GMP approved locations in India. We provide a comprehensive range of Pharmaceutical formulations in conventional and advance dosage forms.
Kosher Pharmaceuticals products are in good demand in many countries as they are made from highest quality raw materials and have innovative packaging. 

Kosher Pharmaceuticals provides Custom research and manufacturing services (CRAMS), Process Development work of Bulk Actives as well as for Pharmaceutical dosages, Private labeling and Contract manufacturing.

We also provide new Product development through our R&D center to further scale up for large batches of commercial production from our licensed facilities. Thus clients have a single window privilege of conceptualization to the final product realization in precise time frames.

Disclaimer: All details stated here are for information purposes only. The information is not specific medical advice for any individual. The content should not substitute medical advice from a health professional. If you have a health problem, speak to your doctor or a health professional immediately about your condition.

Product Portfolio
Anti- Biotic Medicines
Meropenem Injection
Ciprofloxacin Tablets
Erythromycin Tablets
Gatifloxacin Tablets
Gentamycin Injection
Levofloxacin Tablets
Ofloxacin Tablets
Anti- Cancer Medicines
Doxarubicin Injection
Paclitaxel Injection
Tamoxifen Citrate
Cardiovascular Drugs
Diltiazem Tablets
Metoprolol Tablets
Ramipril Tablets
Simvastatin Tablets
Anti- Obesity Drugs
Gynaecological Drugs
Cabergoline Tablets
Conjugated Estrogen Tablets
Estradiol Tablets
Ibandronate Sodium Tablets
Risedronate Tablets
Men's Health
Dapoxetine Tablets
Finasteride Tablets
Vardenafil Tablets
Endocrine Disorder Drugs
Steroids & Hormones
Testeonate 250
Tren HBC
Trenace 100
Boldinex 200
Decanate 200
Drostronate 100
Chlorodehydro Methylteststerone Tablets
Estradepo Injection
Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin (HCG )
Mesterolone Tablets
Methandienone Tablets
Methenolone Enanthate
Somatropin injection USP
Antibacterial Drugs
Tinidazole tablets
Secnidazole tablets
Lansoprazole Capsules
Omeprazole capsule
Rabeprazole tablets
  Ranitidine Tablets and Injection
Thyroid Drugs
Levothyroxine Tablets
Veterinary Drugs
Albendazole Bolus
Febendazole Bolus
Chloropheneramine maleate
Meloxicam bolus and suspension
Ivermectin Bolus and injection
Oxiclozanide Bolus
Sulphadimidine Bolus
Antimalarial Drugs
Artesunate Injection
Artemether Capsules
Quinine Sulphate Injection
Mebendazole Tablets
Antidiabetic Drugs
Gilbenclamide Tablets
Gliclazide tablets
Glimepride tablets
Glipizide tablets
Metformin tablets
Pioglitazone tablets
Active Pharmaceutical
Antiviral Drugs
Acyclovir Tablets
Valacyclovir Tablets
Ribavarine Capsules
Paracetamol Infusion
Fluorescein Injection
Sinarest Nasal Drop
Herbal & Ayurvedic
Slimfast Capsule
Herbal Sildenafil Citrate Capsule


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